About 15 Seacoast Rugby alumni gathered at Ri Ra last night for socializing. The group varied from founding members to recent additions and included former members from the men’s, women’s, and youth teams. Many new introductions were made.

Topics of conversation included past glories, current statuses, and future plans. There was some great discussion about what is happening with rugby these days and ideas about what could happen. I hope that planning of future activities was facilitated.

I must apologize for not clearly communicating the details of the event when I announced it. Although this was conceived in a discussion between a few Old Boys at the golf tournament the event was intended for everyone involved with Seacoast Rugby. It was great that Liz, Coop, and Molly came out.

The feedback was generally favorable and the consensus was that we should try to gather monthly. On the question of what day and time some mentioned that weeknights were better, weekends could be tough, and Thursday worked OK. Anyone have any other ideas? If you are interested in attending the next gathering feel free to let me know your thoughts and/or availability.

We are going to try to plan to gather in December, though I realize the holiday season can be hectic. I am waiting to hear from Ri Ra what dates might be available and will try to announce a date ASAP. In the meantime, please do get back to me with your suggestions at [email protected].

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